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  • What is the lulziest way to exterminate liberals off the face of the planet forever?

    Best answer: Poop
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  • My parents have decided to go on holiday without me?

    Best answer: Well, this post is either fake or real, so I'll go about it two ways;

    Fake: You an asshole for posting this...

    Real: Girl/dude, if she has guns, when you go to school, confront the teacher and get her to call 911 for you and don't go home until the cops deal with it.
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  • My preteen wont let me give her the sex talk, help?

    Best answer: Sit her down and explain it...the sooner the better!

    Have you ever looked over the pregnancy section?

    Soon enough, she'll have those hormones raging and she'll be curious. Better for her to learn it all NOW than after it's too late.

    Thankfully, I started at birth with mine so there's only been ONE time it's been a bit uncomfortable. FOR ME. My kids know they can ask me anything. After finally explaining, in full detail, about sex to my youngest - then 10 - she took 2 steps out of the room, turned back around, looked at me, and had to ask..."How do lesbians have sex?" I was SO not prepared for that one at all! LOL I did go over it with her, though.

    A couple of my more outgoing ones have corrected their teachers during sex ed. One even wrote me, thanking me for not shying away from "The Talk". Honestly, though, there was never REALLY "A Talk", since I started them so young (bathing them as infants, I never shied away from calling ALL of their parts their proper names, you call an arm an arm, WHY would you call a penis a "wee-wee" or a vagina a "va-jay-jay"???)...I'd just get into a bit more of the details as they got older.

    Anyway, yeah, check out the pregnancy section, then decide if you want her to end up like some of those girls in a few years. Is it MORE worth it to be called "disgusting" and her not eat for a few days...or...would you rather have her thinking you can get pregnant from urine?!
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  • Should children have a choice in what they want to wear?

    Best answer: If they're OLD ENOUGH to dressed themselves, YES, they should be allowed to pick they style or color, when they're younger than middle school. If they can't dressed themselves, and they have no clue what's out there, the parents SHOULD pick their clothes, and colors or styles.

    My sons were in pre-school - middle school , when they start to rebel, they are not wearing WHAT I BOUGHT THAT WAS ON SALE, I realized, they weren't happy during our church group photo, that's when I wake up and says: they have a fashion savvy style (like I was), so I just take them to the store & buy what they want. The result: they're happy, they have good grades, and their relationship towards each other improved! One church photo, we happened to be all matching because my husband & I bought something in denim. Brothers bought something in denim shirts for school event. For our photo, we all wanted to wear our new blue denim outfits, and without me nagging about it, all were smiles & happy faces! They grew up in the hoodies generation, today? They're wearing buttoned down or tie-shirts for work, or shorts for winter (hates jeans).

    THEY'RE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR THEM. Parents are done, playing themselves, let the children PICK THEIR STYLES & comfort. Whatever gave them confidence, as long as they don't cost designer prices. But, that's last of my worry, they're paying for their own now, they live away from home.

    NOT everyone are comfortable in shoes that are comfortable for YOU. We're all unique, and I'm one of those who can't wear crocs! I can't wear athletic shoes, my family wears them 24/7. My husband can't wear thongs sandals!
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  • Did George Bush really win the president's debate against Hillary Clinttin?

    Best answer: This is hilarious! Not really. Don't quit your day job.
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  • Is it ok to sell bullets at a magazine stand?

    Best answer: Don't they hand them out like sweets ?
    .. and then the gun comes free with the magazine !
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  • Now that gay marriage is legal what will liberals legalize next incest, pedophilia or Bestiality??

    Best answer: My guess would be paedophilia. Of the perversions listed it best lends itself to the, "It's in the genes," justification so successfully foistered on a gullible public by gay rights activists, and the presumed harm suffered by its vicims can be easily glossed over as a form of theraphy to alleviate the sexual prejudices of an unjustly, "Puritanical," society.
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  • Can i give up my 22 year old daughter for adoption?

    She dosen't live with us anymore but I want nothing to do with her. She is selfish, arrogant, and downright nasty. For example, my son, also her brother got married this past May but she chose not to go because it happened to fall on her birthday weekend. She also constantly puts down her sister, also my daughter because she wants to be a chiropractor. According to my 22 year old daughter, chiropractors aren't real doctors because they can't prescribe medicine and have their own schools which only rip you off. Just so you know, my 22 year old wants to be a psychiatrist. It goes on and on with her and I am sick of it. So is there a way I can give her up for adoption so I don't have to deal with her anymore?
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  • What did we just dig up on the beach, is it historically significant? Is it a pirate treasure clue?

    Best answer: IDK
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  • As a black man,why can't people see this cops against blacks is nothing but a George Soros backed roost to get blacks to vote for Hillary?

    Best answer: I'm not a black man. Therefore, according to the left, I have nothing of value to contribute to this conversation.
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  • How many Hillary Clinton supporters does it take to change a light bulb?

    Doesn't matter, no matter how many you hire to do it they'll just all sit around in the dark, blaming Republicans for the light bulb going out while they snicker and giggle and laugh while talking about Trump's hands, hair and penis. When the lights still don't go back on, they blame global warming and try to raise taxes saying that somehow, just somehow, making people pay more in taxes will surly turn the light back on. Then after a Republican comes in and changes the light bulb for them they all claim credit for the lights going back on, but then turn around and blame the Republican for creating "global warming" because he didn't use an energy efficient bulb.
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  • How to deal with my teenage sons newest phase.?

    My son is 14 and has trouble fitting in at school, recently he has become more aggressive and emotional. He came out of his room one day and had bright green/black mixed coloured hair! Last week he came home with a lip piercing! He said he's 'emo' now, I wasn't familiar with the term so I googled it and let's just say I wasn't too thrilled. My son has no reason to be sad, he's got a loving mother, father, and sister. His grades are fairly good and his few friends are nice young boys and he isn't being bullied or such. I understand it's just a phase they go through but he's been isolating himself lately. Please help me? I always give him plenty of freedom but lately he has become a bother...
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  • Daughter not allowed to wear cheerleading uniform because she exposes her Outey Belly Button?

    My daughter is a freshman in High School, and tried out for the cheerleading team and made it! In fact she was one of the best girls at the auditions she practiced and study really hard, but on Friday the team was given their uniforms which, is cut off to show their bare stomach. So they had their first practice Friday afternoon in the gym and my daughter was wearing the same uniform as the other girls the only differences she's the only one on the team with an Outey Belly Button. After practice the her female coach offered my daughter another uniform which, doesn't show off her bare stomach. When my daughter asked why? The coach said she was attracting too much attend from the boys because of Outey Belly Button. It's not like my daughter was doing anything sexual she's actually skinny for her age. So now my daughter has to wear the new uniform or quit, but she doesn't want to wear the new uniform because she wants fit in with the rest of her friends. What should we do now?
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  • Is 43 too young to get married?

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  • Should the Queen order President Obama to rename Washinton to Elizabethville to celebrate her 90th birthday.?

    Best answer: No. The Queen can not order the United States of America to do anything. We have been an independent country since 1776. We formed out own government and broke with the monarchy.
    The name of the capitol is Washington, D.C. , not "Washinton." The President of the United States can not be ordered by a former monarch. We are allies with the former "mother country," and our governments work together to form agreements. Renaming the nation's capitol is not such an agreement and the Queen knows better, even if you do not.

    You must be bored to post such a question--- trolling is not a wise thing to do.
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    While me and my family were out i mixed vodka and energy drink. I ONLY DRANK ONE CUP like an hour ago AND I HAVE A HEADACHE. I googled it and they say mixing alcohol with enery drinks is not good at all. AM I GONNA DIE IM SO SCARED IM ONLY 14 AND I LOVE MY LIFE I WONT EVER DRINK AGAIN. PLEASE HELP AND ANSWER ps: i drank before but never had a headache from it xoxo
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  • Ever pull your scrotum all the way back and over your head like a hoodie, then do a 360 backflip when the cold air makes your scrotum shrink?

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  • Can I trade my Harvard /Yale degree for a new or used car?

    Best answer: Yes, indirectly, the same way you trade it for anything you need/want. The medium of transaction in the modern economy is money, as you should well know seeing as you have two degrees from such top universities (or have you managed to do some sort of joint degree between the two?). So you get a well-paid job, which should be reasonably easy with such qualifications. As you work, at the end of every month your employer pays you your salary. Obviously you need to use some of that to pay for the basics like food and shelter etc., but with a bit of luck there should be some left over, and you can put that towards a car. It's no different from if you're, say, a barber and you want eggs for breakfast: you don't go to the chicken farmer and say "can I swap a haircut for two dozen eggs", you perform haircuts on customers who happen to want them on that day, and at the end of the day you take your earnings and go to the chicken farmer and swap some of the *money* you've made for eggs.

    Where your degree comes into play is it helps you find that well-paid job. You can of course skip the degree part and indeed become a barber of a chicken farmer. It's your call.

    OK - simple enough for you now? I shouldn't really need to spell out such basic economics to a "Harvard/Yale" type, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you studied, say, aeronautical engineering and not any sort of social science.

    PS: I can't help remarking that this is one of the stupidest questions and shouldn't have been asked once, yet for some strange reason it keeps popping up alarmingly often. Just so you're aware, it wasn't clever or funny the first time around, and it's getting less so with each repeat.
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  • Have the most beautiful face but not a child of your own or average look and a child of your own. Which do you prefer, ladies?

    Best answer: Average face, with a child of my own
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