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Why is there such a liberal bias in most media?

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  • it is not liberal bias it is acknowledging incompetence. If you lie and are a political figure if your lie is detrimental to the growth of the nation then the media should report it
    lando · 1 1
  • Reality is liberally biased.
    Nosmo · 5 1
  • Has it ever occurred to you that its not so much a "liberal bias" as that's just how most people think? Most people don't think NeoNazis are "fine people", for example. Most people think they're cockroaches, and so the mainstream media reflects this. It's not that it's liberal, as much as you don't hold the values of the general population.
    melouofs · 3 5
  • Only according to paranoid right wing conspiracy theorists!

    It is a rumor started by them in the wake of the Watergate scandal! During that all the media were reporting the truth which made all conservatives look bad! So from that point on all the media was Left leaning according to them!
    Jeff S · 4 5
  • TV and print maybe. Talk radio and web is the territory of right wing nutjob media-conspiracy bias. Why is that anyhow?
    rd68 · 4 3

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