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What is the number one reason you hate Trump?

Just curious. Mostly, I see hate here justified by lies and fiction. I am curious to see why people hold their hate
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  • I don't 'hate' the man, but I do not believe he is a good, effective president. He doesn't govern he 'reacts'. he says things without thinking about their consequences. He wants to do away with people who disagree with him, and that is VERY unpresidential....
    Brandon K. · 0 0
  • religious intolerance/hatred,jealousy of non big state democrats
    roberto · 0 0
  • They are jealous.
    The Donald · 3 3
  • The Democrats in 2008 won the Presidency and won super majorities in both houses of Congress. The Left thought they were so close to overthrowing the USA so they could replace it with a peoples republic that they could taste it. Then they lost control of the House in 2010, lost control of the Senate in 2014, and lost the Presidency in 2016. Trump winning also means the Supreme Court will be dominated by Conservative justices for generations. It is the end of the world for the Left.

    They hate it. They hate it like this:

    W.T. Door · 6 1
  • i dont hate him.

    im just annoyed with him. at first, his campaign was tight af.

    until i realized, his lack of experience in politics would cost us.
    Artemisia · 5 1

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