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Why should I like libtards like Justin Trudeau?

I am never EVER going to advocate the grotesque, evil, scum of the earth known as psycho, leftist, communist, socialist, fascist, neo-liberals. They believe in bringing Islamic terrorists across the border on refugee statuses and they don't even realize that they could be terrorists. A somalian refugee ran over four people in Edmonton with a U-Haul truck and it revealed that he was an ISIS member. Well, would you look at that? Who knew a terrorist would come in and pose as a refugee? My leader, Trudeau, also gave $10.5 Million to a convicted terrorist named Omar Khadr. He threw a grenade at Canadian soldiers, killing them. So, you libtards don't try to advocate Omar. He is pure scum just like every other Islamic terrorist. He tried to kill soldiers! DON't DEFEND HIM! Trudeau also gave a convicted terrorist named Zakaria Amara, Canadian citizenship. Amara threatened to cut off Harper's head when he was PM, and Harper deported him (Good thing). But now that that terrorist lover, Trudeau is in office, he's bringing Amara's citizenship back. How can I trust a leader that advocates terrorists? Huh? How can I? I also hate that libtard feminists rant and rave about WOMEN DESERVE EQUAL RIGHTS!!!! WE DESERVE IT!!!!! You already have equal rights, you idiot! Women can get any job they want! I will never NEVER NEVER be associated with the libtards of the world. Especially since they invite islamic terrorists in all the time. Never gonna join them. They're complete scum.
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    You should not have to. Unfortunately for Canadians, Trudeau has decided he wants to be a clone of Obama. Wants to just smile and promise and take things away from the hard working and give to others even to' it is not his to give. Canadians are very disappointed in him. He will only have one term and hopefully will not ruin the economy in that time.
    Tina · 0 0
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  • yes
    Edward · 0 0
  • Grow up......and GO HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EVERYMAN · 0 1
  • Who cares if you like Justin Trudeau or not? If you go around using the term "libtards" you are not intelligent enough to even talk to. Grow up.
    Charlesetta · 3 1

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