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I think my boyfriend has autism?

He shows many of the signs....should I stay with him or break up with him?
  • Answers
  • Depends on how you feel about him.
    Orla C · 0 0
  • You should leave him immediately. He will be MUCH better off without a worthless piece of scum like you in his life. To make the world an even better place, perhaps you could go home and make toast in the bath?
    Chris P · 2 0
  • Triggered- You don't know if he has or not. THINKING he may be Autistic is only an assumption. And, only a Doctor can diagnose him. Don't play Doctor, and don't assume anything until he has a confirmed diagnosis by a Doctor. Then, you can make up your mind. Have a nice day...............:)
    Pickled Tink · 3 2

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