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For losing a bet i will be tortured?

my friends says theyll strap me to a chair and force me to eat any concoction they come up with. then theyll carry my chair down the street to the park and throw eggs at me so im humiliated. ISNT THIS NOT RIGHT???
  • Answers
  • That's not torture. That's "fun".

    As long as their "concoction" isn't HARMFUL (actual foods/drinks)...there's nothing wrong with that.

    As for the chair....are they going to strip you before going to the park? No? Who cares? You'll just have to shower when you get home.

    YOU were the one who made the bet. If you can't take the "pay back", don't make bets with friends.
    Mystique · 0 0
  • Get some better friends man
    Jon · 0 0
  • You agreed to the bet.
    WRG · 0 0

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