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Atheists have to admit they know NOTHING?

seriously, wth. what's evolution all about. your saying humans cam from monkies but there are still monkies everywhere. your saying we share 98% of their jeans, but a monkey doesn't know anything, it doesn't even know it's a monkey. i'm a thinking santiant being and humans are the only ones like... show more seriously, wth. what's evolution all about. your saying humans cam from monkies but there are still monkies everywhere.
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    I always say, if they are so akin to apes and monkeys, then they should be housing and living with their ancestors and close kin, taking care of them daily and being good family with them.

    That disproves it all because animals and people of these species can not live together, apes and monkeys would whip their behinds and kill them.

    If they love them so much, let them take their uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters out of the zoo and give them a seat at the family table for every day of the week, especially sunday dinner.

    Ever see any human woman have a monkey or ape in her womb that evolved into a human infant from an embryo?

    I haven't either and neither have they.
    anthony h · 3 2
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  • Do you know why I'm an atheist?

    Because a cosmological model for the creation of the universe that can be explained by science (even if we don't know the whole story yet) is still way more probable than a "complete" story written thousands of years ago based in zero evidence; a story where a god created an entire universe in just a few thousand years, and created all life on earth in 6 days with a talking snake and creationism/intelligent design (which are not supported by science, I should add). Forget all the fear and dogma and just compare the 2 stories logically. Which one sounds more like a fairy tale, and which one sounds like a well-documented, scientifically advanced investigation into the creation of everything we know?

    It's a free country, so that's your call of course. Just don't bring the pseudoscience into the science classroom, because that is one of the few places you will be kicked out.
    bangingwalls2 · 1 1
  • Not all atheists believe we come from monkeys but there is scientific proof about a lot of things and as far as I'm concerned we are smart enough to know not to believe what is written in a silly book especially when there is absolutely no proof that any of this stuff happened or is real, although some athiestist don't believe in any gods they can believe in other things
    Kennedy · 7 0
  • Atheists don't have to admit anything at all. Your time would be much better spent looking to yourself, and your own mistakes. If you do that it will keep you busy for a lifetime.
    Geri42 · 6 0
  • Here is an example of knowing nothing being preferable to knowing something, as is your case. Socrates, one of the great thinkers (and pre Christian to boot!) took great pains many times to point out he "knew nothing" which is a very good way to approach new questions. You are bogged down with your belief system, so cannot see what may be closer to "the truth"
    Emdog · 3 1

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