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Is Hillary a witch?

I have visited recently the Salem Witch Museum. A picture of one of the witches had a staggering resemblance with Hillary.
  • Answers
  • The witch doesn't resemble Hillary. Hillary resembles the witch. There's a difference. The witch was there first.
    STEPHEN · 1 0
  • Yes, she is a good witch like Glinda.
    Kiran C · 2 0
  • If she was, it would be nice if she jumped on her broomstick and flew off into the distance never to return.
    Patronising · 0 2
  • No, but she is an intensely angry, mean, rude, hateful, frustrated and very entitled woman.
    Blackadder · 0 0
  • Photographic proof....
    Him · 0 0

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