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Caught my son and daughter having sex?

I have a 16 year old son and a 12 year old daughter who have different fathers, so actually they are half siblings. Anyway I went to the grocery store to get some milk, eggs, lettuce, chips, and water. I was gone for about an hour. When I came home I caught my son and daughter doing the nasty on the couch. My daughter was laying on her back with her legs spread apart. My son's wiener was stroking inside her vagina. I heard a lot of moaning and they were both sweating, so they were doing it for awhile. I was horrified, I did not know what to do. They had no idea i was watching them because they didn't stop. Finally after about ten minutes my son cummed all over my daughter, and my daughter ate her brother's ***. I am deeply disturbed by this. Do you think they need therapy or is it natural?
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  • Your description of this incident left more questions than answers. If you got chips at the store, why didn't you pick up some dip? Also, was the lettuce fresh? Were the eggs cage-free? Saying that you bought water isn't helpful without knowing if was plain or sparkling. I want to help you, but you must stop holding back.
    James · 2 0
  • If you had dialed back the enthusiastic graphic description of sex, you would have turned it from 1% believable to maybe a 30-50%. Keep working on it.
    Old Hand · 0 0
  • I think you're a TROLL.
    Fake · 1 0
  • YOU need therapy
    Kira · 0 0

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