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Question for atheist only?

So help me find the errors in this. I was thinking of a new way of turning some religious people into atheist and that way is, abstract thinking. Basically You try to get a christian to think critically avoiding religion at first however ask them questions that interfere with there religion, make sure they don't know your an atheist, after you see there answers and you think you have a chance then bring in religion they should begin to get very mad, I decided on abstract thinking because They don't have time or a chance to sit up this "Jesus saved me" "Jesus Is best and your just a sinner shield" This also works on people who believe in spanking, speaking of that don't bring up science, I think just like when some of them were spanked when they were younger and basically had no choice but to accept it, so when you bring up science they'll basically subconsciously reject it and go on lock-down cause your basically putting them back in the same position as when they were a kid. back to the abstract thinking, you know those weird situations were theres like a ladder a cube and each one represents something different, but you don't know what the test means so you have to wait till it's over to find out. The way to do this with religious people is to basically just give them what there parents or pastier didn't, patience, actual understanding, not this I love all my people stuff, actual you finding a way to get to know them understanding, also things that tell them that #wait 5
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  • You don't get a theist to become an atheist.

    To be a true theist you have deluded yourself into believing something you can't prove is real. Once you reach that level of delusion you are psychologically incapable of assimilating anything that conflics with your delusion. (That's why so many theists on this site still claim evolution false.)

    I've proved to many die hard Christians on this site their god is false using the scriptures and logic and although they can't even attempt to respond, because there is no response, they let it simply bounce off them as if nothing has been said. At best they create a subterfuge with the all encompassing: "Satan got to you." (The evil version of Goddidit.)

    The only Chrisitian who will ever become an atheist is one willing to become an atheist.

    Have a look at WIKI: "Mind Control" and see how many signs of mind control you can tick off for a theist. Virtually all.
    Lucifer · 1 1
  • But why would I do any of that? I'm happy to answer their funnier questions and explain why their bronze-age hellgod's rules aren't a good basis for governance, but I don't really care what anyone believes until they try to make it law or use it to justify awful behavior to someone else. There's just no reason to trick anyone into the truth.
    Beardog · 0 0
  • Interesting.

    I agree with being patient and listening.

    Is this what you mean be being abstract:

    All gods are like cigarettes. The people who have them know they are harmful, but don't care because they love the buzz. Nothing YOU can say will make a smoker or a "godder" quit because they are addicted. Quitting gods only happens when that person decides that they love the truth more than the "buzz."
    PaulCyp · 2 0
  • I wouldnt try to convert ppl to atheism. I see that as unethical. Sounds antisocial and delusionally pro social.

    If you souns like a semantically demented antisocial personality, you mighy be a psychopath
    Jesus Likes This · 0 0

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