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Can an atheist be ignorant and illogical?

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  • All people can be ignorant and illogical, regardless of their religious orientation or otherwise. I'm not going to pick any side in particular, but I will say that I have seen an equal amount of ignorant and illogical atheists and ignorant and illogical theists.
    Ghost Of Christmas Past · 2 0
  • Of course an atheist can be ignorant and illogical. But much less likely to be illogical as someone who believes in fairies in the sky.
    STEPHEN · 0 0
  • Sure if nobody try to sell the gods con scam believe on those invisible entities entities or worshiping will be extremely difficult so any n ignorant illogical human can be atheist, like any human will be if they are not indoctrinated.
    Caesar · 15 0
  • Sure. But ignorant illogical people tend to be religious.
    GodsLOL · 2 1

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