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Is Hillary a witch?
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    By her cackle, I'd have to say yes.
    Rose · 0 2
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  • which hillary? if hillary were standing next to a real witch, which witch would be which? And all those who got no bid contracts for the war, did they become wheely wheely witch or just pretty witch? Which? Personally, i think baba Wa-wa is wheely the witchest person awound.
    good guy · 0 2
  • weak cry babies haha if ne one is weak its hillary she let her husband catch bj's all day long and didnt stick up for herself why would i want her to stick up for this country so she could crumble when some1 attacks us haha no thanks im a white man and im not racist or sexiest and i have no problem voting for obama and i will
    stupid people make me laugh · 1 2
  • LOL.........cute.......I love Halloween parties.
    Oh by the way...Is Obama a liar, is there a costume for that?
    HockeyFan · 1 3
  • I saw her drink a glass of water at the debate, and she seemed fine to me.

    You sexist people need to leave her alone.
    You don't hear anyone calling McCain a
    B ****** or Obama a N *****.
    ant1234duh · 0 2
  • ROFL !!! Hey, don't hold back with your questions! Just ask us what you really want to know!

    That's a great photo! And I don't dislike her, I just have a sense of humor.
    Dave M · 1 2

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