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I think hillary is a witch, do you?

she looks like one, was born in october and has that creepy her long nose and voice.
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    I agree, but I think she is also a word that rhymes with witch....
    Maria B · 0 1
  • Other Answer
  • I know a few witches. Your description is incredibly off base.

    Besides, I've never heard anything to suggest that Sen. Clinton is an adherent of the Church of Wicca... not that it would really matter. Is this just an attempt to respond to the "Obama is a muslim" trolls?
    JazzMan · 0 1
  • No. How do you even know what a witch looks like? I'm not a Wiccan or a H"R"C supporter. She's just a politician.
    suzi q · 3 1
  • no, but i know that she laughs like a witch.
    kupao1502 · 3 1
  • never seen her broom,does she know how to use one? ?
    mlmorgan99 · 0 0

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